Warsaw 1:214.1582

by Piotr J. Lesniak

Piotr J. Lesniak
PhD by Design student, Architecture

Warsaw 1:214.1582

Katherine N. Hayles writes that a productive interdisciplinary discourse must take into account pre- suppositions that each discipline is underpinned with, and which allow it to operate. Sympathetically to the interdisciplinary character of the Kompas exhibition, the architectural work proposed for the display brings forth two conceptual instruments embedded in architectural thinking and operation: the plan and the drawing scale.

The work presented for the Kompas exhibition consists of a set of drawings punctuating the floorspace of the Sculpture Court. Selected from a large plan of Warsaw, the drawings are placed in a specific position to each other and to the interior, preserving the spatial relations of the places they represent, effectively turning the floor space of the Court into a plan of the city. In turn, the spatial limits of the court dictate the scale of the plan, making it unique to the place and the event.

The presentation offers two main modes of looking: the close view from the ground level, and the more distant, controlling view from the gallery above. In the second mode, the arcade of the Court acts as a framing aperture for the image of the city below. The temporal conditions of the event are also taken into account, and where the exhibition is interrupted due to administrative arrangements, the drawing of Warsaw will change too, turning the map into an animated document of spatio-political changes in the city.

Date: June 18, 2012

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