6.8 Billion Selves & Head Spaces

by Val McLean

Val McLean
MPhil/PhD in Intermedia Art

My work is concerned with looking at our need and drive to ‘make meaning’ of our world and of ourselves. In questioning the nature of subjectivity, meaning, classification, perception and boundaries, I look at ways of breaking down traditional ‘meaning structures’ as encoded in our experience of language and the visual. I am interested in the ways our ideas about the ‘self’ influence how we are in the world and in exploring the possibility of new ways of thinking about, and experiencing, the self. What is a self? Where do I start and you begin? How do we relate to each other? How can we relate to each other? Can art provide a means of generating new ideas, and ways to think about ourselves, out-with the prevailing ‘meaning’ systems of the cultural and social contexts we find ourselves part of?

In particular I am interested in challenging our pervasive use and acceptance of binary oppositions such as self/other, male/female, order/chaos, sense/nonsense, presence/absence, inside/outside and nature/culture.

6.8 Billion Selves
DVD, 8.06 minutes – looped, 2012

Head Spaces
Mixed Media Installation, 2012

Date: June 19, 2012

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