restraint & hijara: rock formations 1 – 24

by Kenneth Chau

Kenneth Chau
MPhil/PhD Fine Art Candidate

restraint & hijara: rock formations 1 – 24
Digital Inkjet Print, (2011)

Revisited again in this series of photographic self-portraits, rock formations 1-24 provides the audience with two examples of the protagonist’s controlled emotive reflections and physical acceptance of the surrounding landscape. As a continuation of a two-year study, these enlarged contact sheets taken from restraint & hijara depict a quiet, yet poignant moment to which the character shows their connection with the harsh and angular rocks of the landscape. Unclear if this is where he resides, the body language, gestures and distant eye-contact are just some of the non-verbal cues seen throughout the series – essential elements to these photographic environmental portrait studies.

His light skin colour reflects against the cold light as his body mimics and plays against the distinct geographic location, however, visibly missing is the facial restraint previously used throughout the series. With the larger variety of images, the portraits express the character’s strong presence and engagement with the land, limiting what we as an audience encounter, but never restricted when showing the land and body’s special relationship.

Date: June 26, 2012

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