Obverse/ Reverse, Alpine Perspective, Alpine Landscapes & Dialogues

by Gregor A. McAlpine

Gregor A. McAlpine
PhD in Printmaking

Obverse/ Reverse, linocut, (2011-2012)
Alpine Perspective, black and white linocut, (2012)
Alpine Landscapes, linocut print-strips, (2012)
Dialogues, digital documentary print-film, (2012)

I am currently undertaking research for a practice-led PhD in Printmaking at the Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh. Specific areas of research interest are the similarities of visual construction and presentation in Albrecht Dürer and Werner Herzog’s work.

This visual research in progress has been developed from fieldwork and in the studio. It combines the deconstructive analysis of the etching Landscape with Cannon, (1518) by Albrecht Dürer and the documentary filmmaking technique of Werner Herzog. This exhibition progresses the development of my own practice as an artist and printmaker and illustrates my methodology.

One outcome of my present research is the production of print and film works that exhibit a combination and examination of traditional printmaking with filmmaking processes.

They can be viewed as: complete individual works; Dialogues – a body of interconnected work in different media; and visual “reflections on the process” of conducting continuing research in printmaking and film as a tool to articulate my hypothesis.

A key element of my investigation is the contextual analysis of Dürer’s print in combination with the analysis of the content. This incorporates movement in the static printed image, composition and use of montage. It addresses and investigates reverse imagery, the representation of sound in the printed image, repetition, illusion, fabrication, ecstatic truth and poetic narrative in Dürer’s printmaking and Herzog’s filmmaking.

I would like to thank Dr. Sophia Lycouris, Dr. Tom Tolley, Dr. Ruth Pelzer-Montada and Mr. Gordon Brennan for their supervision with this research.

Date: June 20, 2012

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