Neutral Territory

by Sejin Moon

Sejin Moon
MPhil/PhD in Fine Art (Photography)

Neutral Territory
Photography, (2012)

This photographic image was taken by me in 2012; it is part of on-going portrait photography project series titled Neutral Territory. My practice concerns a critical view of social and cultural agendas. My photographs depict women in the environments in which they work.

The photograph has been influenced by my journey and experiences as a woman from another culture and also as a professional. In this image, I have included certain objects, which interact in the environment and also narratives for each item I placed in the scene.

The image was carefully planned and constructed in advance and it was taken using a traditional large format camera in order to allow me to produce a large image size of the highest quality. This will hopefully allow the viewer to examine the image in much greater detail.

As a photographer my research has a direct involvement in the visual element. I would like to challenge the traditional photographic form by creating an abstract metaphorical representation. My goal is to instil a ‘visual’ element to produce of a new and refreshing photography experience.

Date: June 21, 2012

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