Everything in Connection with Something Else

Katherine Marsaili McLelland
MSc by Research in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices

Everything in Connection with Something Else:
Montage as Creative Interdisciplinarity

Video, (2012)

This work consists of a series of still images drawn from visual research into different academic disciplines, which have been edited together to illustrate how the creative use of montage can generate new connections between these different fields through the juxtaposition of certain images.

The combination of research with creative practice has been a key component of my MSc by Research in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices, and I have made substantial use of visual material in my research into the connections between different academic disciplines. This short film of still images intends to highlight how such different areas of knowledge can enrich one another through the means of visual juxtaposition, an approach which takes inspiration from aspects of Soviet montage theory, in particular the argument that different visual elements colliding with one another generate new meanings.

This video includes examples of my own photography in different visual fields, which is intended to highlight some of the connections between visual research and visual creative practice. These include the visual research approach of visiting a place first encountered in secondary research in order to acquire primary research of that place from an eyewitness perspective, and the process of documenting it so that the experience then becomes a material form of visual research in itself, and the creative practice involved in both recording this visual experience in photographic form, and then editing the photographs together to create new impressions from the juxtaposition of different visual ideas.

Date: June 17, 2012

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