Study for Teascape

by Esra Oskay

Esra Oskay
Phd in Drawing and Painting

Video, photolithography, photoetching, (2012)

In my practice-based research I study my processes of settling down into an unfamiliar everyday life, where my mundane encounters with this unfamiliarity becomes a site of inquiry for my practice. To this end, I refer to visual clues, material practices at the encounter to communicate this impalpable and uneasy feeling of being in-between.

The work I am proposing for the Kompas is a variation on the same topic. A video piece showing excerpts from the process of milk mixing into a glass of tea and landscape prints developed from this recording. Showing the change in the understanding of “right” consistency, “right” taste, color of tea, to capture the shift in the common sensical opinion about a mundane taste.

Date: June 20, 2012

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