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Smart e-bikes

This project will focus on electrically-assisted bicycles – also known as pedelecs and e-bikes – that have a small electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery to help propel machine and rider. The amount of assistance reduces with increasing speed … Continue reading

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Sixth Sense Transport

Our lives are governed by ‘fixed’ time schedules with activities aligned to school and work start/end times, public transport schedules, facility opening hours and deadlines. The rise of the ‘anytime’ 24 hour society has led to increased consumption of goods … Continue reading

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Travel behaviours have shown considerable resistance to change, but substantial change is needed because reduced emissions cannot be secured from technical innovation alone. Our focus is on a new way to engage with, and ultimately influence, travel behaviours. Instead of … Continue reading

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MOT Test Data

In 2005, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) introduced a computerised system for reporting MOT (roadworthiness) test results. Since that time, the results of approximately 35,000,000 MOT tests annually have been collected and stored in a Department for Transport … Continue reading

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Evidence suggests that we will need to change our travel habits and practices radically if we are to reduce the carbon emissions from transport to meet government and international targets. Technological developments such as hybrid and electric cars will, to … Continue reading

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