Titles, Teasers and Trailers


Like the dust-jacket of a novel, teasers, trailers and titles are paratexts – supplements which, as Gerard Genette puts it, “make present” a corresponding and antecedent text. Their ephemeral nature means that many see promotional texts as something to be discarded after viewing, relevant only in a specific time and place – yet more and more paratexts are being archived, analyzed and discussed in academic and popular contexts.

The papers for this conference seek to explore the evolving presence of promotional paratexts as experienced in a variety of screen cultures.

Keynote speakers:
Keith Johnstone (University of East Anglia)
Paul Grainge (University of Nottingham)

Programme Committee:
Annette Davison (organiser, University of Edinburgh)
Daniel Hesford (co-organiser, University of Edinburgh)
James Deaville (Carleton University, Ottawa)
Jane Sillars (University of Edinburgh)

Local assistance: Georgios Athanasopoulos and Valentina Guerrieri

The conference is hosted by the Reid School of Music and the Centre for Film, Performance and Media Art, University of Edinburgh