After the success of the first initiative in Dijon (2014), The Progect is organizing its second international conference on the 25th, 26th and 27th May 2016 in Edinburgh, UK. This will be another opportunity to cover different aspects of progressive rock and promote awareness of current research around the world.

There will be keynote presentations by Chris Atton (Napier University) and John Covach (University of Rochester), as well as a discussion between Georgina Born (Oxford University) and Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh).

The conference organising committee is comprised of Chris Atton, Chris Anderton, Adam Behr, Kevin Holm-Hudson, Simon Frith, Philippe Gonin, Sarah Hill, Allan Moore, Christophe Pirenne, Sergio Pisfil, François Ribac and Richard Worth.

For any enquiries about this conference, please write theprogectconference@gmail.com

For more information about The Progect, click here

This conference is supported by an Innovation Initiative Grant from the Edinburgh Fund at the University of Edinburgh.

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