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March 21st, 2012

Article on Instrument Making featuring ‘kontroll’

The most recent edition of Danish music magazine Seismograf takes a look at the theme of instrument making. Rasmus Holmboe has written an insightful article which ties my own work into the piano-rich history of instrument exploration.

Original article:

Click here for a crude translation if your Danish isn’t up to scratch!


March 6th, 2012

Dialogues Festival – Ma | NeWt | TR-I/O-FON

Dialogues Festival and present Tom Challenger’s Ma (Loop Records) | NeWt (F-IRE Collective) | TR-I/O-FON. Elliptical sabar-influenced broken grooves and brave new world synth scapes | byzantine boppish melodies | fractured dub bricollage. or– £8/£5 in advance. M.O.T.D.
The Bongo Club. 7pm – 10pm. Sat May 12th.

Facebook event page:

More details and audio etc will be posted on

March 3rd, 2012

Publication in Networked Electroacoustic Music edition of Organised Sound

Organised Sound New publication: Hayes, L & Michalakos, C.

Imposing a Networked Vibrotactile Communication System for  Improvisational Suggestion

in Organised Sound, Volume 17, Networked Electroacoustic Music. Cambridge University Press.

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