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October 29th, 2011

Xth Sense Biophysical Music Workshops: Winter Sessions in Mexico, UK, Spain

Marco Donnarumma Xth Sense Workshop UNAM Mexico

The Xth Sense (XS) is a free and open source based technology; as such, its free distribution is an integral aspect of the research.
In this workshop participants build their own XS biosensor and learn how to generate interactive music from the muscle sounds of their bodies.

Winter workshops schedule:

  • 7o Simposio Internacional del Posgrado en Artes Visuales
    3,4,5,7,10 November at the UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autonoma in Mexico City,
    Info and registration;
  • CultureLab
    21-25 November, Newcastle, UK;
    Info and registration;
  • Matadac Festival
    12-15 December, Madrid, ES.


October 18th, 2011

Xth Sense at Seoul International Computer Music Festival

The Xth Sense is a novel, biophysical system that enables a performer to control and process interactive music generated in real time from her muscle sounds.
This research and the related model of biophysical music will be presented to the Asian academic community on 22nd October in occasion of the SICMF/KEAMS 2011. This engagement is endorsed by Creative Scotland.
A related paper “Xth sense: a biophysical framework for the application of muscle sounds to interactive music performance” will be published in the Computer Music Journal Emile Vol. 9 (December, 2011).

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