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January 9th, 2009

Hungry like the Wolff

Release early, release often. Such is the mantra of software engineers (well, some) and keepers of hounds, and strikes me as good advice. As such, Dave, Sean and I are gigging our current efforts with For 1, 2 or 3 People at the risk-free-yet-sonically-challenged Forest Cafe this Friday (9th Jan) in front of a variably interested audience.

In the meantime though, the three of us have had two more sessions, this time down in the practice room with the modular synths.

January 6th, 2009

Wolff – Session 4: 6/01/09

With the gig in mind, this time we added another page to our repertoire and played through the four we’d done so far.

In the practice room again, we did better at being able to see each other. Set-ups were, I think, largely unchanged. I’d formalised my laptop-mic thing into an effects rack, though it’s still far from versatile or controllable enough (nil points) and the synth sounds all suck, so I shall start integrating the keyboard control with the mic-thingy somehow and see where that gets me. Sean had added a spring reverb to his stuff, which sounded awesome.

Perhaps more than in other sessions, we limited our sound worlds quite heavily. This certainly makes it easier to tell by ear who’s doing what, but requires that we can move around, subtle like, within these smaller terrains, to avoid slabbishness.

Anyway, better than my words, we made recordings:

Page II:

Page III:

Page V:

Page VII:

(Originally posted by Owen Green)

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