To make the hands and face white
To remove marks from the face
To make you beautiful
To cure redness of the face
Water to make you beautiful
A very light and most excellent rouge
For a beautiful and well-coloured complexion
To make a marvellous colour for the face if you are yellow

To make the hands and face white:
Take leaves and roots of nettle and boil them in water and with this water wash your hands and face and they will become white and soft.

A fare la mano et il viso bianco

Piglia foglie e radice de urtica e fa bulire in acqua et cum quel acqua lavate le mano e il volto e diventeranno bianche e morbide.

To remove marks from the face:
Take iris [Iris florentina] roots and boil them in water until it is reduced by half, then purify and with this water wash the face and you will be free of blemishes

A mandar li segni della faccia

Piglia, radicem Jazole
[Giaggiolo] et bollila in la aqua per sino se consuma la meza parte da poi purgala et con quella aqua lava la faccia et se rai liberata

To make you beautiful:
Take iris roots and grind and make juice and put in a vial and leave it to settle. Then take the water from the top of this mixture, put it in fresh water and with this mixture wash the face, and it will be beautiful and have a notable color

A far bella

Piglia Radice yrios et pista et fa succo et poni in una ampolla et lassalo posare da poi proice quella aqua superiore, et ponili della aqua chiara et con questa compositione lava la faccia et haverala Bella et de uno notabile colore

To make you beautiful:
Take bread crumbs and egg white and mix them together and put them in vinegar for two whole days, and then use it as you please.

A far bella

Piglia mollica de pane albume de uvo et mistica insieme et ponilo in aceto per doi di naturale et poi usala a tuo piacere.

This is a model with this face whitener, using lead white replacement, plus the rouge (below) on lips and cheeks. Real lead white has a slightly yellowish tint.

To cure redness of the face:
Take white lead [ceruse], rose water and violet oil and mix together and anoint the face.

A guarire la Roseza del Volto

Piglia Cerusa aqua rosa oleo de viole et mestica inseme et ugne la faccia

Water to make you beautiful:
Take strong vinegar and lemons cut in pieces and put in a glass alembic and put in powdered cloves and whole cloves, a little of each, and put everything in the alembic and save the water which is perfect and use.
Aqua a far Bella

Piglia aceto forte Limoni tagliati in pezzi et ponilo alanbicco de vetrio et ponili de garofani fattin in polvere et garofani integri poco de uno et delaltro et metti ogni cosa alanbicco et salva la aqua che e perfetta et adopera.

A very light and and most excellent rouge
Take 1 on. red sandalwood, 3 on. acqua vita and grind the sandalwood finely and let it soak well in the acqua vita for two hours, then strain it; and seal the strained liquid tightly in an glass ampule with no air. When you want to use it, first cleanse the face, then put on the rouge. And you only need to do this once each day,  because this rouge is  sufficient like that, and through these means: the more you wash, the more you will gain a magical vivacity, gracefulness, and beauty, so that it will easily last for this interval. The “Spanish Clout” [a painted cloth used for rouge], was used for this effect, but it happened that every time the face was washed, it spoiled the effect, and  it only lasted for a day.  But with this one, as I said, you need not avoid water for eight days; in fact it will stay on the face with amazing beauty
Rossetto ligiadrissimo et eccellentissimo

Piglia sciandoli rossi on. una, acqua vita on tre, et pista sottilmente li sciandoli, et lassalo bagniare in ditta acqua per spatio de doi ore; bene poi cola; et questa colatura serrala in una ampolla de vitreo che non respiri; et quando voli adoperare; mondifica la facia; Da poi mette el rossetto, et questo basta fare omni giorno una volta, perche questo Rossetto basta tanto et in questo mezzo Quanto piu se lava, tanto de magio vivacita ligiadria et bellezza deviene: onde facilmente se comprende De quanto longo intervallo; la pezzetta de Levante a questa cieda; concio sia che quella ognie volta che la faccia sia Bagniata; se deturpa et questa et per un giorno appena dura; et questo come dico non teme acqua per otto giorni integri; ansi se conserva con mirabil Bellezza.

For a beautiful and well coloured complexion:
Take acqua vita and put it in an ampulla and leave it in the sun and clear weather and with some of it wash your face, making it coloured and beautiful by using it
A far la faccia bella et Colorita
Piglia lacqua de vita et ponela in una ampolla et lassala al sole et al sereno et de essa te ne lava la faccia et faralla colorita et bella usandola

To make a marvellous colour for the face if you are yellow
Take marubio [Marriubium vulgare] and grind it and mix it with the best wine and honey and boil each one well. Apply  evening and morning that will make you happy and of marvelous colour.

A far venir un colore Mirabila Al viso si Bene fosse giallo

Piglia Marubio et pista et mestica cum optimo vino et mele et fa Bollire ad inuicem et bene Sera et matina che te fara allegro et de color mirabilissimo.

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  1. Araminta says:

    I was wondering if you would share what you used as a lead alternative for the recipe to “cure redness of the face.” Thanks!

    • jburke says:

      Hi – I checked with Anna Canning, who made up our make up recipes. This is what she said:
      “What we used as a lead substitute was titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is a whitener and opacifier used in many modern cosmetic and sunscreen products too. It is bought as a very fine white powder and mixes well with oil or water-based liquids to form a smooth paste. According to current research information, TiO2 has extremely low skin penetration, but ingestion and inhalation need to be avoided (carcinogenicity and immunotoxicity concerns). TiO2 as a cosmetic base gives a very white look, whereas lead resulted in a pearly, slightly off-white look, very smooth, and certainly more attractive – but also deadly!”
      Hope this helps you out – if you are using this for historic makeup, we’d love to see the results! Jill

  2. Ellie says:

    Where can I get the ingredients for the rouge?

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