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Reid Label Launch Concert


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

19:00 until 21:00

Reid Hall, Edinburgh

[Not Us]
Michael Edwards
Fritz Welch

[Můstek with John Pope]
Christos Michalakos :: Drums and Live Electronics
Lauren Sarah Hayes :: Piano, Synths and Live Electronics
John Pope :: Double Bass

Můstek Recording & Mixing Sessions


Můstek consists of Christos Michalakos (percussion & live electronics) and Lauren Sarah Hayes (piano & live electronics), both second year students in the university’s PhD Creative Music Practice programme. We spend a week (6th-12th December) in the Reid Hall using the new Reid Studio to record what will hopefully become two albums’ worth of material. We were also joined for an afternoon by Dr Nikki Moran (viola) and for two days by John Pope (double bass), who joined us from Newcastle.

We will gradually update this entry with documentation of our recording session and further mixing/editing sessions.


We are mixing on the SSL desk itself, sending 13 channels of recorded audio from Pro Tools to individual desk channels. A basic initial mix session looks like:

  • Channels 1&2: Piano L&R (with Desk EQ)
  • Channels 3-9: Percussion (with Desk EQ) -> Vertigo for parallel compression -> back in on Channels 17&18
  • Channels 13-16: Electronics (with Desk EQ)

We are summing these 15 channels on the desk, and recording back into ProTools (Mix Out from Desk -> DAW inputs). However when we listen back to the recording on two clean channels panned L&R, the recording is quite different to the desk. Much of the ‘air’ is missing, but we cannot find a reason for this. Any ideas?

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