We’ve already explained how to change the SSL to the DAW 2 setting, allowing it to control Logic, Nuendo or Ableton Live. However, you might on occasion navigate to SSL>DAW and find that DAW 1 is the only option available. If the SSL’s MIDI control is set to connect via its MIDI ports, you will only be able to use its HUI capabilities with Pro Tools.  If the SSL connects via the network, it can be used as a Pro Tools controller (DAW 1), and also control other software via the DAW 2 option. Here’s what you need to do to restore DAW 2 and access the SSL’s HUI capabilities for your chosen software.



The SSL screen has two rows of blocks at the bottom, which correspond to the two rows of grey buttons below the four pots. Select SSL>Misc>Setup.




Scroll through the Setup menu using the left-hand pot, until you get to MIDI connects via. To edit this setting, push down the left-hand pot, which will then let you scroll through the parameters.



Set MIDI connects via to Network and then push down on the pot to come back to the previous layer of the menu. The desk needs a reboot to complete the process.



Hold down the Restart button (second from the right, just below the row of pots) and a Confirm option will appear for the right hand button. Keep Restart held down and hit Confirm.


The desk will restart  and bring you back to the main menu. If you navigate to SSL>DAW you will see a DAW 2 option.



Head back to the setup menu by selecting SSL>Misc>Setup. Now scroll down until you see DAW 1 and DAW 2. DAW 1 should be set to Pro Tools. Select DAW 2 as before by clicking the left hand pot to select it, and then navigate to the DAW you want to use. In this case, I’m using Logic.



Now when you navigate to SSL>DAW on the menu, you will see the DAW 2 option. The SSL will show up as a Mackie Control Surface within your DAW. Make sure you have this selected as your MIDI controller.


Please remember to reset the desk to DAW 1 after your session. Have fun!