Using 24 Channels for Mixing in the Reid Studio


This method of working uses the LynxTC Aggregate Device (which is a combination of two audio interfaces; the TC Konnekt 32 and the Lynx Interface). This is a 32 channel I/O device. Channels 1-16 are the TC, Channels 17-32 are the Lynx, but they function as one device.

This will not work in Pro Tools (for now), as of October 2012 Pro Tools 10 is not installed in the Reid and this setup will not work. It will work with other DAW’s, like Logic, Nuendo, and Ableton.

Follow these instructions and you will be able to get a full 24 channels from digital world into the SSL desk. Note that this does not restrict you to 24 tracks in your DAW. You can have as many tracks as you like here, then group them out of pairs of channels and send them out to the desk (e.g. 8 tracks of processed laptop sent out of 1\2, 4 tracks of guitars on 3\4 and 7 tracks of drums on 5\6).


1 – Turn on all the equipment in the digital bay (except the TC6000, which cannot be used in this setup)

2 – Load the TC Near Control Panel (from the dock)

3 – Ensure the TC Konnekt has 1-8 selected on its Firewire Matrix on the front of the device, and that the matrix is setup as follows:


4 – Patch via AES Top Blue Mytek Outputs 1\2 to TC Konnekt AES Inputs 1\2

5 – On the TC Near Control Panel, (the application on the Mac), select Sync Source as AES\SPIF\TOS 1+2, and set the sample rate to the sample rate on the Top Mytek, and ensure the device has an external lock. If it does, should look like this:

6 – The TC Konnekt should now be clocked to the Top Mytek (the studio’s master clock). Whenever you want to change the Sample Rate you are working at, change it first on the Top Mytek, then on the other two Myteks, and then check the TC Near Control Panel to ensure correct clocking to the LynxTC aggregate device. All the Myteks and the TC Konnekt should all be running at the same sample rate and be clocked.

7 – Patch TC Konnekt AES Outputs 1 – 8 to Top Blue Mytek Inputs 1 – 8 on the digital bay, using Green AES cables:

These will be your FIRST 8 Channels OUT from your DAW (Logic, Nuendo, Ableton)

8 – Patch Lynx ‘A’ AES Outputs 1 – 8 to Middle Blue Mytek Inputs 1 – 8 and Lynx ‘B’ Outputs 1 – 8 to Bottom Grey Mytek Inputs 1 – 8:

NB – PLEASE NOTE – These next 16 outputs will be outputs 17 – 32 from your DAW. This is because the LynxTC is a 32 Channel device, made of two 16 channel devices. However, channels 9 -16 cannot be used via AES, so you’ll need to skip these channels in your DAW, as you won’t be able to hear the output!!! Use 17 -32 instead of 9-16!

9 – Patch Grey Mytek Analog Outputs 1 – 8 on the Analog Patchbay (on the left of the desk) to Desk Line Inputs 17 -24.

Now everything should be connected.

10 – Load your DAW of choice (Logic, Nuendo or Ableton).

11 – Select LynxTC as your input/audio device

12 – Setup your DAW’s Outputs:

Set Channels 1 – 8 to output as normal, out of channels 1 – 8
Set Channels 9 – 16 to output from Channels 17 – 24 (this will come in on Channels 9 -16 on the desk)
Set Channels 17 – 24 to output from Channels 25 -32 (this will come in on Channels 17 – 24 on the desk)

Although you will need to do a bit of adventuring in setting up the outputs from the DAW, when you have done this your audio will come into the desk on channels 1 – 24, and should work fully and easily.

You are ready to go, have fun!!!!!