Dear All,
Geoff and I were in the Reid Studio yesterday installing Ableton Live 8 and looking at various ways in which we can make both the network and the AWS (HUI side of things) work together.

At the moment if you want use the desk as a touch surface, which most of us do, then you have to select the ‘AWS’ Network Setting in OS X’s System Preferences panel, and to get to the Internet at large you have to manually switch the settings.

Unfortunately due to how the AWS talks to the Mac via the ethernet connections this is still the case.

However, Geoff in all of his awesomeness, did manage to find a small work around for us. Now clearly we can’t change anything about the AWS software so what we managed was that the INTRAnet i.e., anything on our internal University network, is accessible and the AWS HUI operation will work at the same time. This allows us to remotely log in to the Reid Mac for maintenance updates and assistance etc.

Although you won’t be able to check you eBayMyFacebookTwitterSpace blogs, you will be able to check University e-mail, post to our Studio Blog check the DDM message boards etc etc… To be honest we shouldn’t be wasting time in this facility doing Internet browsing anyway.

You may have some work stored on a server outside of the University network for example, and in this case you would still have to manually change settings to reach the World Wide Web.

We feel that this is the best compromise and the most elegant solution that we could find. So from now we will follow this line of approach until we can either find a better way or if one of you finds this too limiting.