The two blue units have ProTools cards; the grey unit does not and is intended primarly for analogue conversion connections between the desk and the digital only TC System 6000.

In all setups the top Mytek is the master, the other two are slaves (as are the TC System 6000 and the Konnect 32). If you are using ProTools, start Hardware Setup, select the 192 I/O #1, and set the clock source to internal. Unit #2 should also be visible (if not, see below) and automatically have the same source. If you then change the sampling rate in Hardware Setup, both blue ProTools Myteks will show the new sampling rate on their front panels (but you’ll have to manually set the grey unit if you’re using it).

If you’re not using ProTools with the Myteks, even when they are word clocked, you still have to manually set the sampling rate on all units.

If the word clock light is flashing on the slaved ProTools Mytek (i.e. it’s not clocking properly), you’ll probably find it’s also not showing up in the ProTools Hardware setup–until it does, it won’t lock to Word Clock. To get it to show up you can try starting the CoreAudio driver and/or Protools; if that doesn’t work, shut down the Mac and Myteks, ensure the ProTools cables in the back of the Myteks are properly seated, fire up the Mac and Myteks again and all should be well.

Digital Connections from ProTools via the Myteks to the TC System 6000

We do this by using a dedicated ProTools 5.1 Buss, mapping audio channels through this, picking up the returns in another buss, and sending them out of the analogue outputs on a third buss to monitor via the desk.

Although 16 Protools I/Os show up for each unit, only the first 8 are valid for each Mytek unit.

The following will no doubt change once the AES patchbay is in, but at the moment the middle Mytek will send via AES to the TC and the TC will return via AES into the top mytek.

In I/O in Protools:
#1: input: AES1-8, output: analogue 1-8
#2: input: AES 1-8, output: AES 1-8

On the top Mytek: set the “ADC Source to Digital Out” to AES in order to pick up the send return from the TC. With the “DAC Source to analog out” set to DIO Card, you’ll be hearing the ProTools output via channels 1-8 on the desk (which is what you want); set it to AES and you’ll be listening to the FX return from the TC before it’s altered in ProTools (handy for monitoring).

Middle Mytek: Set “ADC Source to Digital Out” to DIOCard 1. The “DAC Source to analog out” is irrelevant here but if you set this to DIO Card it will send the dry (i.e. pre TC) signal to channels 9-15 on the desk.

TC System 6000

Make sure the clock source is Word Clock: go to System (?), press the clock source and move the right fader down until you see Word Clock. At sampling rates above 48K you’ll have to engage “Double Speed” before the unit will lock.

To map AES inputs through the algorithms and back out again, go to Routing (?), select Labels, then use the two left faders to connect inputs, and the two right faders to connect outputs.