Jessica Aslan, Lauren Hayes and Christos Michalakos performed solo pieces and a group improvisation on 9th of July. This was a great chance to test the new studio under live concert recording conditions.

Mics used:

Schoeps omni and fig-8 as mid/side

DPA 4006 omni spaced pair

Tandy/Realistic PZM pair

DI from mixer

This was the first time I had used PZMs and I put them on the floor spaced about 2.5m apart in front of the drumkit. AMAZING!!!! Mixed with a bit of the Schoeps mid/side pair and put through the Vertigo (only for monitoring) I managed to get by far the best drum sound I’ve ever got. Even the toms sounded good!

So, I definitely had the best seat in the house for this gig, and getting the DI feed from the laptop outputs enabled the performers to get all the right parts to make some high quality mixes which, no doubt, they will post here soon.