On 25th of June I booked in Sax Ecosse, Flutes En Route, and Michael Haywood and Laura Grime for a full test run of the studio as part of a music education project run by Live Music Now. This session required foldback on headphones, talkback, and 8 channels of microphone recording of instruments as grand piano, fiddle, baritone sax, boom-whackers and voices.

It was a useful way of testing out the foldback paths and the general usability of the patchbay. This had taken Kevin Hay, Owen Green and myself a vast amount of time and effort to plan and required soldering almost 1500 connections. As you can imagine, it was to my great satisfaction that the session went very smoothly indeed with only a couple of minor hiccups, both stemming from my unfamiliarity with the desk rather than any errors in the wiring.

For future notice, the HPF on the SSL mic input channels is part of the EQ. There may be a way to use it separately but I didn’t find it in this session.

The Schoeps sounded lovely, especially the figure-of-eights, and judicious use of the screens enabled me to get some surprisingly dry results for some of the instruments, giving the capability of keeping the natural reverb but having it attenuated at the same time.

All in all this was a really rewarding session to inaugurate the studio, especially given the strong departmental representation within the Music In The Community field.

Audio clips will be posted soonish.