This Semester

Semester 1 September – December 2016

Please get in touch if you would like to present at any of our Rough and Ready Research Share sessions. Email

27th September – Welcome back! Prokalo’s first Rough and Ready Research Share – 7 presenters with only 5 minutes to share!

11th October – Workshop -‘Researcher’s Anonymous‘ – The stresses and strains of research, Rebecca Crowther and Laura Bowie.

25th October3 Speakers and a VIP guest: Speakers – Vrej Haroutounian, Roxana Bakhshayesh Karam and Matluba Khan with special guest Professor Billie Giles-Corti.

8th November – Two PhD Candidates: Two Institutions – Speakers: Xi Chen (Newcastle University) and Justin Chung (The University of Edinburgh) – engagement with public space, mapping as method and participatory design.

22nd November – Multiple presenters and a participatory workshop – Global forces, Environment and Wellbeing with Athina Georgiou Shippi – CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS ACTIVE

6th December – Christmas Party – Relax and socialise with your peers!

Semester 2 January 2016

19th January: Tahl Kaminer –  The first of this new year – Critique and co-optation

2nd February : John Barber – note, new date! – Statics and Dynamics in the Conservation of Drystone Buildings 5pm, 2.13, Evolution House

16th February: Jilly Traganou – Insurgent and Radical Forms of Dissent: Resisting the Olympic City, 5pm, Evolution House Rm 2.13

23rd February: Dr Patrik Schumacher, Agent Based Parametric Semiology,  5:30pm, Hunter Lecture Theatre, followed by drinks in the Sculpture Court.

1st March: Dr Richard Anderson, A Second-World Empire: Soviet Architecture, Socialism and Globalization, 5:30pm, Evolution House Rm 2.13.

22nd March: Alexander Collins, Micro-architecture and Macro-landscapes: Space and Authorship in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid Franchise (1998–2015) 7pm -8pm, Evolution House Rm 2.13.

29th March: Vasileios Kitsos, Department of Social Sciences, Södertörns University, Stockholm, Urban practices and Consensus in a time of crisis 5pm – 6pm, Evolution House Rm 2.13

19th April: Dr Richard Milgrom, head of city planning,The University of Manitoba, Canada.   Age-friendly Regions? Supporting Uneven Growth and Decline 5pm -6pm, Evolution House, Rm 2.13

3rd May: Dr Tiago Torres-Campos, The University of Edinburgh and The University of Lisbon. Encounters with Manhattan’s Geologic: On Landscape, Time and the Anthropocene. 5pm – 6pm. Evolution House, Rm 2.13.

17th May: Ernesto Valero Thomas, The University of Edinburgh. Energy and Space: Mapping Networks of Gasoline Stations in the Dispersed City . 5pm -6pm. Evolution House, Rm 2.13.

ALL WELCOME !! with our usual drinks reception

Semester 1 October 2015

8th December: Professor Richard Coyne -‘ Blook! How to Leverage a Book out of a Blog’

24th November: activist, lawyer and designer of The Geddes Institute for Urban Research, all the way from New York and Buenos Aires… Paul Guzzardo! –  ‘A Septic Turn in the Space of Appearance: a brief for a city with elites in decline

10th November: Prokalo welcomes PhD Candidate Piotr Lesniak for wine, nibbles and discussion: Archive of the Future: An Architectural Imaginary of Reconstructed Warsaw

27th October: We are very happy to welcome Dr Jim Lawson as our opening speaker for this term! A Theory of History and a Fifteenth century Building Programme:  Alberti and Sant’ Andre in Mantua.

As well as a seminar this week we will be having an informal gathering for all new PGR students and staff at ESALA: 5pm, 2nd Floor Board Room at Evolution House with drinks!

Semester 2 January 2015 – Spring

Final Prokalo this semester! – 26th May: Dr Katherine Brookfield: The role of the home in the active and sedentary behaviours of older adults

Back to our normal location: Minto House Common Room – 5pm followed by drinks

 – We are very excited to welcome Dr Brookfield and hope you will join us for our last seminar this year! 

12th May: Dr Yeoryia Manolopoulou: Dialogue with Chance
Director of Research at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and Founder of AY Architects

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATIONSydney Smith Lecture Theatre in the Old Medical Building 2nd Floor of the Medical School in Teviot Place (enter by doorway 1 from the quadrangle ) Rm No. 2.520 – 5pm, followed by discussion and drinks

We are really looking forward to this session and can’t wait to welcome Dr Manolopoulou! 

28th April: Wannabe troublemaker, hacktivist and designer Fabrizio Gesuelli at Prokalo

Remediating the social through protest architecture: tʌɪt and St Peter’s Square in Rome. – Don’t miss this one!

Minto House Common Room – 5pm – folowed by discussion and refreshments.

31st March: PhD Candidate Tarek Teba 

Domestic Architecture in Ugarit: Conservation proposal

Minto House Common Room-  5pm – followed by refreshments

We welcome Architect Tarek Teba for our final Prokalo before the Easter break – come along and join us!

17th March: PhD Candidate Dorothea Kalogianni, ECA

Affective immersion and virtual spaces: incorporating virtual reality, EEG and sound.

Minto House Common Room, 5pm -followed by a drinks reception

We are really excited to welcome Dorothea to discuss her exciting research, come and join us for her seminar and discussion!

3rd March: PhD Candidate Liam Ross, ESALA 

Regulatory Spaces, Literal and Metaphorical:

On the material and discursive formation of Edinburgh’s fire-safety legislation

Minto House Common Room, 5pm -followed by a drinks reception

We are very happy to welcome Liam, architect, lectirer and PhD Candidate here at ESALA – come join us!

5th February : Professor Perry  Kulper, University of Michigan

Seminar: ‘Estranged Fluctuations’ and Exhibition: ‘Speculative Species’

We are very excited to welcome Dr Kulper, Edinburgh University visiting Geddes Fellow, to ECA on Thursday the 5th of February for a seminar discussion and Exhibition.

Do not miss this!

Seminar: 5th Feb, Hunter Lecture Theatre followed by the Exhibition opening at The Tent Gallery, Evolution house with wine, nibbles and conversation.



Homelessness in the Digital Age through the example of the Banoptikon Videogame Project: Dr Aikaterini Antonopoulou, Teaching Fellow – School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University

Date and Venue: Minto House Common Room, 5pm followed by refreshments.

‘Estranged Fluctuations’ – Dr Perry Kulper – Visiting Geddes Fellow

Date and Venue: NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE! Hunter Lecture Theatre, ECA followed by exhibition and refreshments at The Tent Gallery, Evolution House

Many more fantastic seminars for this semester to be uploaded soon! 

Last Semester

Semester 1 November 2014 – December 2014

‘A Guidebook to Berlin’ – Dr Penny Travlou, lecturer in Cultural Geography and Theory at ESALA

Date and Venue: 5pm Tuesday the 4th of November, Minto House, PG Common Room


‘Privatised Atmosphere: Personal Bubbles’ – Professor Sandra Kaji- O’Grady, Dean and Head of Architecture at The University of Queensland 

Date and Venue: 5pm Tuesday the 18th of November, Minto House, PG Common Room


Richard McClary – Medieval Islamic Architecture of Central Asia: The development of Qarakhānid tombs in the Ferghāna Valley

Date and Venue: 5pm Tuesday the 2nd of December, Minto House, PG Common Room