Multiple presenters and a participatory workshop – Global forces, Environment and Wellbeing with Athina Georgiou Shippi

Impact of Global Forces on Local Environments, Behaviour and Wellbeing.

Image by Alan Mackenzie:

Image by Alan Mackenzie:

Hello all!

Our next Prokalo session will be a themed workshop looking at global forces, landscape, wellbeing and Environmental Attitudes. We are looking for additional contribution to our speaker, Athina Georgiou Shippi, (1st year PhD in Landscape Architecture) who will be presenting her research and leading a workshop exploring these themes.

ATHINA’s RESEARCH TITLE –  Child mental wellbeing, Child environmental attitudes and Biodiversity.

Athina’s research focusses on the potential links between biodiversity, mental health and environmental attitudes in children.

From Athina: Green infrastructure offers a unique opportunity for enhancing health and wellbeing, but also positive environmental attitudes. We now acknowledge that contact with nature improves human health and especially mental wellbeing. However, how does biodiversity influence such benefits? Additionally, one’s attitudes towards environmental degradation are influenced by his/her experience with nature as a child. Low contact with nature, can lead to the “extinction of experience” which has important implications for halting biodiversity loss. How does contact with different levels of biodiversity influence such experiences?

My proposed research adopts an interdisciplinary approach to decouple wellbeing, environmental attitudes and biodiversity. I aim to investigate the implications of different levels of biodiversity in urban green spaces, for child mental wellbeing, but also child environmental attitudes, from different cultural backgrounds by comparing Scotland and Cyprus.
We would like to invite speakers and attendees who would like to explore these themes.
The workshop will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of November, 5:15pm, Board Room – Evolution House and will be the penultimate Prokalo this year. Our final Prokalo will be a drinks and networking event to say Happy Holidays to students and staff.
We are calling for 5/10 minute presentations that must engage with one of or several of the following themes to allow for a fruitful workshop and discussion:

– Global Forces – the internet, terrorism, or climate change

– Landscape and Wellbeing
– Biodiversity
– Mental Health
– Environmental Attitudes

We are continuing with the Rough and Ready Research ethos – this will be an informal session and we encourage little preparation, we merely ask that you bring ideas, openness and a desire to explore and discuss.

If you would like to contribute…
PLEASE RESPOND GET IN TOUCH BY FRIDAY THE 18th OF NOVEMBER and include a brief outline of your research. We will require power points by Monday.

BE BRAVE! Come and share your research!

All the best,
The Prokalo Team