Prokalo is Back!

Prokalo is back and going to be better than ever! We hope you will join us for our new and improved seminar series. See below…

x The Prokalo Team


Rough & Ready PhD Research Share

3 slides, 5 minutes to talk and 5 minutes to chat

Multiple speakers

5pm 27th September

ECA Boardroom, 5th floor, Evolution House

Drinks and nibbles throughout

We are looking for PhD students to share their research. We are suggesting minimal preparation and a willingness to share work in progress, an openness to discuss problems, uncertainties and new ideas.  If you are up for it drop us an email before Tuesday the 27th or just come along with three slides on a USB. The idea is spontaneity and informality – a chance to catch up and meet new students and to find out what’s going on in the ESALA PhD community.

This will be an informal evening to share what you’ve been up to or what you are working on with your peers over drinks and nibbles. Whether you are writing up or just beginning come along to this casual open event.

Open to speakers a well as those who want to support, listen and discuss.

We will also be discussing Prokalo’s exciting new format. If you have any ideas for speakers for our symposium (see below) we will discuss this here.

Please arrive ten minutes early if you are keen to present or send us your slides on Tuesday morning.


Prokalo is taking a slightly new format this year in that we are focussing more on our community of researchers; on progressive ideas, pushing boundaries, interdisciplinarity and collaboration. We are hoping that Prokalo can become a space for support and opportunity.

We want to help in fostering our research community but also to forge links and opportunities across further institutions.

We will have two speakers bi-weekly and an opportunity to question both speakers and open up an informal conversation. If you would like to present in our upcoming series please get in touch.

The series will be open to PhD students and staff with new and progressive research and work to share.


We intend to use the funding that Prokalo has to organise a symposium with invited guest speakers and our own researchers at the end of the academic year. Details to follow.