Vasileios Kitsos: Urban practices and consensus in a time of crisis

5pm Tuesday the 29th

Followed by wine reception 

Rm 2.13, Evolution House, West Port

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 ABSTRACT:  In recent years Athens received much international attention, mostly with respect to the economic crisis and its current manifestations in urban space. While the crisis was unfolding, so did a number of plans for large scale regeneration and infrastructure projects. These sought to respond to a persistent decline in prime central areas and to questions related to the city center’s identity at large. And while some still continue unabated, others are still highly contested. The multitude of interests and stakeholders involved has perplexed things further more and resulted in a situation that is best reflected in the uncertainty over the well-known Rethink Athens project.

The presentation will thus 1) describe processes and actors involved in these large scale urbanistic projects 2) comment on the publicity they have received, arguing that this signifies a strong qualitative change in the urban discourse in Athens, which nonetheless has prevented a much needed consensus in these critical times.


I am originally from Athens, Greece. Dipl. Eng. Architecture (NTU Athens, 2008) and first professional experience, followed by an MSc in European Urbanism (Bauhaus University Weimar, 2011) and internships at Pratt Center for Community Development in New York and State Regional Development Agency of Latvia. I then got involved in urban regeneration research projects in Athens, and since late 2014 I am writing a phd on post-socialist urbanism at Södertörns University, Stockholm. In 2015 I was a guest phd researcher at the Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk under an EraNet/ Erasmus grant for scientific cooperation between EU and the Russian Federation.