Professor Richard Coyne – ‘Blook! How to Leverage a Book out of a Blog’

PROKALO_Richard Coyne_WEBProkalo is very excited to welcome Professor Richard Coyne to the Prokalo seminar series. Our last seminar before Christmas, so we hope everyone can make it for wine, nibbles and a good discussion before we all head off for the festive season! Open to all!

Tuesday the 8th of December

2nd Floor Evolution House, West Port


Professor Coyne will present…

Blook! How to Leverage a Book out of a Blog

In this seminar Richard Coyne will recount his experiences exploring research ideas by authoring a blog and a book in tandem. The book in question is Mood and Mobility: Navigating the Emotional Spaces of Digital Social Networks with MIT Press, which will appear in January 2016. He will also explore some of the book’s content, the starting point of which is travel. What we do with our mobile devices while on the move reproduces what by now are common, ubiquitous, and habitual practices. To immerse yourself in sound and screen-based digital devices makes the journey go faster, provides opportunities to catch up, shields us from surrounding distractions, provides time to restore, and prepares us for whatever awaits at the end of the journey. But such practices also reveal a lot about our emotional landscapes.