The P {e/a} r {i/a} meter Symposium is a half day event to explore the synergies across the research group known as CIRCLE: Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Collaborative Environments. With over 35 members and associates, the research group encompasses many disciplines across the arts and sciences.
This event is intended to provide an insight in to the activities of CIRCLE members through four sessions that are organised around the following themes: Activity, Forms, Gaze and Within. Participants are invited to ‘gravitate’ toward a theme and contribute to the organisation of the timed slot. It is anticipated that each session of 45 minutes will consist of a synthesis of theoretical explorations as well as practical work that may be exhibited and/or demonstrated.
Everyone is invited to the event, and given the broad and deep expertise of the CIRCLE members the afternoon promises to be a lively and insightful event.

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