Summer 2016

This year has quiet for music psychology reading group meetings, but busy with many other things!

Our one-day Musician movement: capture and analysis symposium – read a short report here – led to various new links and possible collaborations locally and with our colleague, Donald Glowinski, at the University of Geneva. Nikki also began her two-year Visiting Fellowship as part of a new AHRC-funded project based at Durham University, led by Prof. Martin Clayton.

Of the regular EMPRes attendees, Dr Lauren Hadley has now graduated, as has Dr Ana Almeida; alongside writing up his PhD, Alec Cooper has been teaching half of Edinburgh to play the sitar and is about to return to India for another visit to his guru.  Yu Fen is in the process of analysing the fascinating kinematic data of ensemble conductors which she collected down the road, in the motion capture facility at the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences.

Some interesting new, regular groups around ECA have taken off in the past year, including the Disability Research Edinburgh group, and the Monday lunchtime Music and Philosophy reading group, led by Dr Benedict Taylor.  The Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Reading Group (PPIG) also continues to meet fortnightly on Wednesdays to discuss new research in the cognitive sciences.

Looking forward to 2016-17!

About Nikki

Nikki is Senior Lecturer in Music at Edinburgh University.
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