Update, Summer 2015

Looking forward to catching up with Edinburgh music psychology research activity this summer! New PhD students, news from existing students, new plans, converging topics, and a few outputs to report!

This review article by Nikki, on why she’s pleased that more music cognition research now focuses on how musicians play together in groups — plus why she thinks there are still some misconceptions afoot in psychological research on music performance. Published in the open access journal, Frontiers in Psychology in the research topic Performance Science.

– An article currently in press for the journal, Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain, based on (newly-)Dr Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly’s doctoral research, on pianists’ use of multimodal imagery to learn new repertoire and prepare for performance. Keep an eye on the Psychomusicology RSS feed (in the side bar over there –> ) for Davidson-Kelly, Schaeffer, Moran & Overy, ‘“Total Inner Memory”: Deliberate Uses of Multimodal Musical Imagery During Performance Preparation.’

– A multimedia dataset from the Improvising Duos project (Moran & Keller, 2015) is now accessible through the Edinburgh DataShare service – follow this link to watch our 10s animations of motion-captured musician duos!

– … and here are our findings from the original Improvising Duos study, published in the open access journal, PLoS ONE: Moran, Hadley, Bader & Keller (2015).

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Nikki is Senior Lecturer in Music at Edinburgh University.
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