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News: The Museum Lives On

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THE MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING LIVES ON. Or we hope so anyway. Negotiations are ongoing for a short installation of it in a well known gallery of contemporary art in Edinburgh on May 29th. More information as soon as we have it. To avoid confusion with other existing Museums of Everything, we may adjust the name to The Museum of Anything, or (possibly, in homage to the remarkable Lego Movie) The Museum of Awesome. This is a matter of ongoing debate however.

Separately, we hope to write up the results of both installations in a journal by the end of the year. The most likely venue for this is Art History, which has shown some interest in revisiting the pedagogical questions that were a major part of its early history. This is dependent on good old peer review, needless to say.

In the meantime, the Museum has been packed away safely in a box, and is stored in room 4.05. Anyone is welcome to look at it before the next installation. Just let us know and we’ll make it possible.

More news soon.

Richard Williams and the curators of the Museum


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