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It is usually on interesting & probing projects like this one that I get absorbed, both mentally & not just physically. An exploration of space, sights & sounds has led me to think how feel about Delhi as a city. A city I was born in and a city that I often transit through; each time with a different agenda & a unique experience. It’s amazing how I end up feeling as alien as any outsider in my temporary city!

Hauz Khas- an urban village

Hauz Khas- an urban village


The more choices one has; the more confused one becomes. Just to find Indian Kingfisher beer in Hauz Khas was a challenge.

Over the past few days I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘googling’ it up to find the proximity of places which are either bustling with a zillion activities or those which are relatively at ease & at peace. It’s incredible as to how this city amazes me every time. Listed below are a few places that I visited with my colleagues Michael, Tatjana & Persis. Some were monuments of historical importance while others were the popular market places in the heart of the city. Tughlaqabad Fort, Agrasen ki baoli (stepwell), Lodhi Garden, Dilli haat & Chandni Chowk have been some of the places I visited and the ones that made me happy for more reasons than one.

The watch tower @ Tughlaqabad fort

The watch tower @ Tughlaqabad fort

The killer traffic & endless jams are just a part and parcel of being in Delhi. Can we really complain? Half of our time is simply spent on roads through the day & by the time a person reaches workplace, they are obviously exhausted unless there is an incentive waiting for them at their work station.

I must share our experience of being on public transport system. So far we have only used two modes; auto-rickshaws & the metro. Although our rides on the Delhi metro have not been so bad but Delhi seems to be on a high alert for some reason. With armed men guarding the corridors inside metro station and guns pointing to your face terrorises me. My attention also got drawn to many of these things which otherwise gets overshadowed, by my colleague Michael. There wasn’t a single place where we were not frisked before entering. The Delhi Metro- Palika Bazaar- Food & craft Bazaar- 4 star Hotel (where we attended a wedding party)…..quite bizzarre…. We have just got so used to this routine checks….sigh!

There will be more blog posts coming up on each of these places visited. Stay tuned. I am having fun studying the contrast & saturation between different spaces.

Here’s a link to the google map.

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