3. Assignments


  • 1. This is your first assignment, to be prepared for your first tutorial. It does not count towards your final assessment mark:

MMus Orchestration Assignment 1

As mentioned at last Thursday’s lecture, your task for this week’s tutorial 1/2 October is to expand the 4 bar close-score 8 staff orchestration already completed, to full Symphony Orchestration.  You may download a pdf of the orchestra layout here:

Ligeti 4 bars

This may use this or manuscript paper, or complete directly in either Finale or Sibelius.

  • 2. This is your major Assessment Task, due Wednesday 3rd December:



1. MMus Orchestration Task 2014-15

Source scores:

2. Prokofiev:   Visions Fugitives Opus 22 movement 14

3. Elton John:   Yellow Brick Road


Prokofiev:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HfYELppOLo

Elton John:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_cmYrXH85M

Templates of A3 layouts:    4.  XIV template       5.  Yellow Brick Road template

The source scores are piano scores to be orchestrated for the specified lineups, and the templates are a guide to how you should lay out your scores, either by hand or in a score writer such as Sibelius or Finale.  Instrument doubles such as for Cor Anglais can include instrument changes during performance, and must observe any key signature changes required.

You should now commence work as soon as possible on your major assessment task, as all tutorials from now on will be related to this material.


Criteria followed for your final assessment:

Grade Descriptions and Guidelines


This must accompany your final assessment.  A copy will be provided before submission date:

Declaration of Own Work


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