6. Events

1. Call for composers

University of St. Andrews

Call for Scores[1]


2. Bayreuth Scholarship

The full information and application form is on the web link below but briefly it is available to people, including students, aged 35 or under, who live, study or are born in Scotland and who would benefit from the experience.  They receive tickets for 2 opera performances and engage in a programme of talks, tours etc as well as meeting other similar people.  We pay for the tickets and give the winner £900 towards their expenses.  The closing date is 30 November 2014.


Wagner Society Programme

Membership is free to full time students aged 25 or under which entitles you also to come to meetings at zero charge.  The website is

Thus gives details of how to join and more information about the meetings.


Dr Elaine Kelly

Reid School of Music

University of Edinburgh

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