Dr Katherine Brookfield

Dr Katherine Brookfield is a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. She is based in the OPENspace research centre, which brings together researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt and is headquartered at Edinburgh College of Art.

An urban studies scholar with a background in industry, Katherine has a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her interests include spatial planning and the relationship between urban environments and quality of life, while her research and consultancy experience have provided valuable insights into community involvement in the planning process.

Katherine is Project Manager on Mobility, Mood and Place (MMP), and is therefore involved in all three project topics, as well as the managerial aspects of the project and its programme of knowledge exchange and stakeholder liaison. She is lead author on our first paper, ‘The home as enabler of more active lifestyles among older people’ in Building Research & Information.

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