MSc Research: Digital Media, Culture, Animation

Assessment of research work

GeneralĀ requirements are described in the Design and Digital Media Handbook, including the requirements for written work. Self-directed research courses for the MSc by Research will entail a component of either original research, or literature review or background study with the potential to lead to original research.

You will be expected to share your work as it develops. This may take place in seminar groups organised according to need. You will also be expected to review each other’s work and contribute constructively and critically to discussion.

You will discuss the direction you are to take in your research projects with the programme director, and you may draw on material covered in taught courses for potential research topics.

The self-directed research courses, as well as the final project, can be treated as independent investigations, or they can each relate to the same theme.

Draw on the resources of the University and its partner institutions for your research work.

Written by Richard Coyne

September 11, 2011 at 10:32 am

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