Liam Ross MA MArch ARB

Architect & Lecturer in Architectural Design, Theory and Professional Studies


  • 05.03.13 RIBA Ideas to Change British Architecture Season.  Debate / Creativity and Constraint.  Lead one of series of Venice Takeaway debates at the RIBA, Portland Place, with panel including Tom Mullarkey, Piers Gough, Alex Ely, Tim Gill and Finn Williams.
  • 05.03.13 Braucht Gute Architektur Bauvorschriften?.  Liam participates in online debate on the topic ”Does good architecture need regulation”.  RIBA debate, and Liam’s previous work, cited by host and participants: “Wie Liam Ross in seinen Studien zeigt, sind diese Regeln meist da, um diejenigen zu schützen, die aufgrund ihrer wirtschaftlichen Position wenig Einfluss auf das Gebaute haben, zum Beispiel im Mietwohnungsbau.”
  • 26.02.13 – 27.04.13 Venice Takeaway Exhibition: RIBA. Liam Ross and Tolulope Onabolu exhibited in RIBA show of Venice Takeaway.  Teaching work at ESALA exhibited in accompanying exhibit ‘ Beyond Venice’, Gallery 2, RIBA.
  • 28.02.13 Guardian: Are building regulations the enemy of architecture? Write up of exhibit ‘British Standard Lagos Exceptios’ in Olly Wainwrights Architecture and Design Blog;  “Since the Venice Biennale, the pair have continued to develop the work with students at the University of Edinburgh. Examples shown in a pinup space as part of the RIBA exhibition include fascinating insights into the origins of fire regulations, which are bizarrely related to the time it takes to play the national anthem. It is these quirks and inconsistencies of regulations that intrigue the pair. “We are fascinated by how these rules have been generated,” says Ross. “While the project is sceptical about the empirical data that defines the specific parameters of regulations, it’s also interested in what the productive outcomes are – the kind of ‘accidental architectures’ that emerge.”
  • 02.10.12 Regulation as Inspiration? BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering.  Teaching project discussed in BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering blogspot.
  • 02.09.12 Guardian, Key Players in British Architecture. “Some of the most notable people in British architecture gather on the steps of the British Pavilion, organised by the British Council, at the Giardini during this year’s biennale in Venice”
  • 29.08.12 Venice Take Away: The British Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.  In Britain’s current architectural climate many practices consider the industry to be over-regulated. Architects argue that burdensome building standards stifle innovation and creativity, resulting in monotonous design. At the same time practitioners acknowledge a need for the state to take responsibility for the population’s health and safety. Architects Liam Ross and Tolulope Onabolu travelled to Lagos, Nigeria to reframe this debate and offer an alternative critique of regulation through an examination of risk, personal responsibility and sovereignty“.
  • 27.08.12 Building Design, Venice Biennale 2012: The British Pavilion.   “the best thing is perhaps the easiest to miss – learning from risk and regulation in Lagos, Liam Ross and Tolulope Onabolu have “adapted” bits of the pavilion to comply with British Standards, thickening balustrades and plastering steps and doors with DDA stripes.
  • 16.08.12 Architects Journal, British Standard / Lagos Exception.  “As UK architects complain of over-regulation, this study looks at how Lagos distributes risk and responsibility”
  • 31.05.12 RIBA and HSE Reveal Best Practice in Health and Safety Education.  Included in RIBA / HSE report on exemplary modes of teaching.
  • 13.05.12 British Council Hosts Architect in Lagos. 
  • 13.03.12 Venice Explorers Announced.  “The British Council today announced names of the teams and individuals who will undertake explorations around the world to gather material for the British Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.”
  • 07.2011 Candide V. 4.  Contribute a project to Volume 4 of Candide: Journal of Architectural Knowledge, published by RWTH Aachen.
  • 02.02.11 Further Reading Required, UCL.  Present at UCL termly seminar series.
  • 25.06.10 The Cultural Role of Architecture, Lincoln.  Contribute paper to conference.
  • 16.11.09 Book Review, ArchiNed.  Contribute book review of Lara Schrijver’s “Popping the Bubble on ’60’s Architecture”
  • 25.02.08 Book Review, ArchiNed.  Contribute book review of BAVO’s new collection “Urban Politics Now”, published by NAI
  • 02.05.08 Critique of the New, Architecture Association. Conference, Architecture Association, London
  • 26.03.07 ArchiPrix Workshop, Shanghai.  Led graduate workshop at the ArchiPrix International 2013

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