Student Projects 2005

This was the first year we ran the extended workshop:

Four separate projects were completed this year.

kate moss 2Kate Moss Column

David Ralph, William Flint, Kyeong Keun Han and Yongchun Kim.

A modular design for delicate concrete column in four sections. Each section varies in form and texture and detail. Each shares a common detail that allows the four separate sections to be assembled in a variety of sequences. First Prize in the International Concrete Design Competition, Plastic-Opacity, 2006/7



Bridge 1


Martin Horne, Sam Chan, James Walnick and Yang Chen. The development and construction of a tapered, curved arch with integral abutments. The process allows the formation of additional stiffness across the crown.


Wall Panel

Bethan Axford,Chris Chambers, Yasmin Jilaihawi and Natalie Yuravlivker

A proposal for a facade system that used cast and counter-casting of panels to create an undulating surface. The cast and counter-cast technique was also used for the corner panels.