Sophia Lycouris

14th February 2014

City Glimpses

Image; Wendy Kirkup.

What is choreography? What is choreographic practice and perspective? There are numerous answers to these questions, however in this presentation I will introduce an approach to choreography which centres on relationships between the body and space, movement and the experience of space, as informed and shaped by rhythm. This is an invitation for a discussion about the relevance of my choreographic approach to a more experiential understanding of (urban) space, based on my recent work ‘City Glimpses’ (, a dispersed improvisational performance event for urban and online environments. I will attempt to discuss a tentative encounter between my working method and those unfolded in writings by Ben Highmore about ‘mood’ and ‘attunement’ and Ella Chmielewska about possible relationships between inside and outside in architectural thinking. This is the very beginning of a new direction I want to explore in my work and I am starting to hope that it might help me access a new way in which I can include writing in my research process.
Sophia is an academic researcher whose focus in in interdisciplinary research methodologies, she is also an artist with a background in dance and choreography. She is Reader in Interdisciplinary Choreography in the School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art. Her research involves experiments with the use of choreographic methods in a variety of new media and formats, often in response to interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts, and in dialogue with new technologies. Her working method is informed by improvisational approaches drawn from both music and dance practices.

Sophia Lycouris Poster – Opens pdf