Pierre Forissier

18th January 2014

Scripted By Design
architecture as initiative

‘Initiative’ as in an incubator of public spaces where the architect projects a highly specific
prototype connected to a vast array of measurable material and other prototypes which
give birth to a new urban ecology.

‘Initiative’ as initiating the data in the machine: thanks to the immense computational
power we have access to, architecture can now venture in heuristic form-finding which
makes or breaks models in a blink of an eye. This might well be the end of the traditional
role of the architect but also an opportunity for multi-disciplinary collaborations and new
ideas to emerge.

Pierre Forissier is a qualified registered architect who explores generative processes in
arts and architecture, inspired by Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari’s A thousand plateaus. He
has worked as a designer and an architect in Britain for over ten years, and recently with
Zaha Hadid in London. He has established his own architectural practice, biomorphis, in
Edinburgh. Pierre is a teaching fellow in Computer Aided Design for Edinburgh University
and an Architectural Design tutor. He co-founded the Architectural Design Unit “Synthetic
Formations” and now leads the explorative course “Digital Ecologies”.

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