About Ola

African Architecture Academic, specific interest in 'modern movement' architecture in West Africa, particularly schools and institutional design. Also interested in minority groups and residence/infrastructure in cities. Finally passive cooling and design in the tropics is also an area of research interest..

New website link for EdenApp

Please use the following link to follow updates on the development of EdenApp ‘Thermal Comfort’ at the following URL www.edenapp.co.uk

There may be a hiatus as Dr Uduku is moving to the Manchester School of Architecture to take up a chair in Architectural Research. More information will follow.

Thank you for your interest in EdenApp.

Ola, Yiqiang and the EdenApp team.

Updated Website can be linked to here

Since the last posting a lot of  changes have taken place. These can all be accessed via our our all new website being developed by Yiqiang Zhao our PhD student on the team investigating thermal comfort preference. The link will be coming to this page shortly.

The EdenApp Team

EdenApp – the light measurement tool…

EdenApp is a mobile phone application for teaching Architecture and interior design students how to measure and interpret daylight factor readings in buildings. It is being developed by Gillian Treacy and Ola Uduku at ESALA in collaboration with app developers associated with the University of Edinburgh. Currently the working ‘beta’ model works on the Android platform, there are future aspirations to develop an ios iphone/ipad version of the  application.

Eden App – download instructional pdf

EdenApp in use – watch the movie file