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Arcadia Kings Building Nursery Talk 26/03/15

Felicity Steers, (MLA ECA) gave a lunchtime talk on Thursday in which she first described her approach to and involvement in playground design. She then went on to describe her involvement in the design and delivery of the landscape play area of the new Arcadia Nursery at the Kings Buildings site. We were a small but engaged gathering of staff, PG students and a few co-opted lunchtime observers who attended the talk. We hope to arrange to visit Arcadia nursery in the next few months and invite both Felicity and also the Arcadia architect, Malcolm Fraser to introduce us to the building.

(pictures Ola Uduku)

Arcadia Landscape Talk

Attenders & slides Arcadia Nursery Landscape Talk



Next Group Meeting this Thursday 13th November, at Museum of Scotland Cafe

We hope to meet for a coffee or tea at the National Museum (Chambers Street) balcony cafe this Thursday,  this will be a brief get together event as its a busy time of the year for most. The timing will be from 12.15 – 1.45pm – do drop by if you are free, there’s no specific agenda just time to get together – and to plan where to meet for our Xmas talk and mince pies event in December!  See you all there.


Women & Architecture IASH Seminar

Next week Clarisse Desmarest (Daiches Manning Memorial Fellow at IASH) will be giving a seminar on “Female patrons and architects in late 17th/early 18th century Scotland, Sir William Bruce’s circle of ladies”. Details of her project just below:

Women and architecture in 18th century Scotland

Her project on ‘Women and Architecture in 18th century Scotland’ involves exploring women as architectural patrons and women as present in architecture. Building on several recent works acknowledging the social and political role of several Scottish noblewomen in the pre-Union period, she focuses on their aesthetic and architectural contribution.

Where & When: 

Tuesday 11 November 1:30pm – 2:30pm,

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, 2 Hope Park Square.

Welcome to the ECA Women’s Group + Life-Work Forum

The Group meets monthly to share tea, coffee and cake with those who drop by.


It is a forum open to all staff and PG students with an interest in issues related to work, family and work-life balance in ECA. The Group seeks to provide a monthly space for supportive discussion of issues related to these and other related themes the group would like to discuss. From time to time, short talks on topics of interest also take place.