Database in focus: medici.TV

Do you know about our online resource medici.TV?

One of the largest online audio-visual catalogues of classical music, opera and dance, consisting of a library of contemporary and historic performances, documentaries on composers and artists, and other interesting resources for Music scholars.  More than 100 live events are broadcast each year, in partnership with the world’s most prestigious venues,  opera houses, festivals and competitions. Gives access to over 3000 classical music videos: concerts, operas, ballets, archives, documentaries, artist profiles, master classes and educational programmes.

Medici.TV now has a new feature which will allow you to create your own personal space, view your search history, and save your favourite videos on the platform. In addtion this feature allows you to access the medici.TV weekly newsletter, which will give you all the information needed about the latest additions to the medici.TV catalog, as well as upcoming live events on medici.TV.

You can find all our music databases at this webpage.

22. November 2022 by jfurnes1
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