Using the Digital Wall at the Main Library to promote your work

The Digital Wall at the Main Library

Here are some guidelines for students who may wish to exhibit their work on the Main Library Digital Wall.

There are two ways to show video or moving image work on the Digital Wall:

1: Continuous loop films that populate the whole 18 4k screens at about 1-2 mins in length. Pixel Dimensions for these films are 7680 × 2160 at 30fps.

2: Films that are accessed via the touch screens that play on 9 screens at a time: about 3 mins is a good length. (Maximum 4 mins). Pixel Dimensions for these screens are 3840 × 2160 at 30fps. These films can be grouped into ‘collections’ within the Digital Wall database.

Students should supply an Mp4 file, preferably using the H.264 codec.

Still images can be shown using the same formats above, as Mp4 files/short films.

If you wish to exhibit your work on the Digital Wall it would be best to visit the Main Library (first floor landing) to see the Wall in action.

Who to contact:

Malcolm Brown, Deputy Photographer:

Digital Imaging Unit, University of Edinburgh, Main Library, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ

Alternative contacts:

Gavin Willshaw, Digitisation & Digital Engagement Manager:

Stuart Robinson, Technician, Audio Visual Resources, Digital Library:

Watch a clip of ECA Student Work on the Digital Wall

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