A warm welcome!

We extend a warm welcome to all our new and returning students this autumn!

We would like to remind you all to please be a considerate good citizen and abide by the University Good Citizen Guide

Stay safe, protect ourselves and each other by:

  • Observing distancing guidelines on and off campus at all times.
  • Frequently washing hands.
  • Wearing face coverings in all University buildings. This is mandatory in libraries and study spaces, as well as shops and public transport, unless you have a good reason for not wearing one.
  • Only moving around campus or between campuses when it is necessary to do so.
  • Assuming there is an extra risk when we meet new people or we are in groups.
  • Remembering that alcohol consumption alters judgement, but that this is no excuse for breaking the guidelines.

Be considerate, supportive and inclusive by:

  • Remembering some people are more vulnerable and some may be shielding.
  • Acting, where necessary, to prompt and gently remind others to follow the guidelines.
  • Offering support and signposting services to others.
  • Acting with empathy, compassion and kindness in both online and offline interactions.
  • Respecting cultural differences and honouring diverse perspectives.

For full details please go to the Guide here.

Everyone can and should play their part to keep us all safe and well.

New students can get more information at the New Students Portal.

17. September 2020 by jfurnes1
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