Trade Catalogues and the American Home

Monday 24th April:

For the next four weeks we have trial access to Trade Catalogues and the American Home.

Explore domestic life, leisure and material culture of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America through the rich and varied material presented in Trade Catalogues and the American Home.

You can use this database for interdisciplinary research across the social sciences including:

• Material culture
• Social history
• History of business and marketing
• The rise of mail order and department stores
• The role of women: both within the home and without
• The changing nature of consumerism
• The idea of the ‘American Dream’
• Mass production
• The effects of conflict on business and consumerism
• Consumer habits and purchasing power in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Significant products and services represented in the documents in this resource include

Department Store Catalogues; Fashion and Clothing; Bicycles; Home Furnishings and Furniture; Food; Household Appliances; Cosmetics; Home Remedies and Health; and Sports, Leisure and Outdoor Pursuits amongst many others.


To access the database go to:

For a list of all the databases we currently have trial access to, please see:

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