The Grey People curate book display for ECA Library

A display of artists’ books from the ECA Library collection was curated by The Grey People and was on show at ECA Library, Evolution House from 13th March to 4th April 2017.

The books chosen were examples which the three students found particularly interesting in their cross-disciplinary approach: whether due to the aesthetic experience they provide, their content and context, or their position on the border of book-making.

“We are The Grey People, a collective and platform for interdisciplinary and collaborative practice at ECA. Our aim is to encourage and celebrate work that falls between and transcends disciplines.
Over the course of the Festival of Creative learning we, as a collective, were given the opportunity to curate a selection of books from the Edinburgh College of Art Library artists’ books collection, as part of a micro-residency, running parallel to an exhibition we are putting on at the end of March. To get the chance to get an in-depth insight into the range of books archived here has been a wonderful experience, and has helped us consider many questions regarding the inevitably vague – and grey – area of the Interdisciplinary.”

The display complemented the BookMarks Bookfair at the ECA Sculpture Court on 29th March.

15. March 2017 by jfurnes1
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