Trial access to Film Industry Data resource

A trial of Film Industry Data has been set up to start on 9 February and will run to 9 March 2015.

Film Industry Data comes from Academic Rights Press, who already supply us with the database called Music Industry Data (formerly known as Academic Charts Online).

Film Industry Data brings vital movie industry data together to help you make new connections, gain valuable insights and tell new stories. Films tell us about global culture, politics and society.  Nielsen has made their valuable research data available for the first time, in an exclusive arrangement with Academic Rights Press:

“This type of direct access to this information has not been made available to academic institutions before. Students will have the opportunity to be in the driver seat and use the same data that studio executives use to make key decisions about title releases.”

These resources are used in many subject disciplines: Entertainment Industry, Business Studies, Film & Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Humanities, History, and Statistics.

This trial is now accessible via the University Library e-resources trials page:

Please make full use of the trial access and send in your feedback so that we can decide whether to subscribe to this resource.

09. February 2015 by jfurnes1
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