To bee or not to bee

4228580345_a45c2037fb_sNews released today by the BBSRC reports on a worrying decline on British bee populations. Typically, the BBC focuses on the effect this decline could have on our economy.

ECA Library has recently added this dvd to its stock:
The Vanishing of the Bees: A documentary investigating the economic, political and spiritual implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honey bee – an ecological catastrophe that threatens to topple our food chain and change our future irrevocably. By detailing the ancient, sacred connection between man and the honeybee, the film illuminates this extraordinary crisis and its greater meaning about the relationship between humankind and the planet on which it lives. The bees are giving us a profound and critical signal – but will we listen? Published in collaboration with the Co-operative PlanBee campaign.

You might also be interested in the dvd Bee movie by Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Hickner, also in the eca library collection, at DVD BEE.

22. June 2010 by jane furness
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