The Beauty of Maps


Maps are a source of inspiration for many artists, and are often beautiful works of art in themselves. The BBC has created a website, The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartography (link), to accompany a forthcoming TV series. Visitors to the site can explore several historical maps dating from medieval times to the 19th century, as well as contemporary applications of mapping to the virtual world. A drag-and-zoom interface allows the annotated maps to be explored in great detail. There are also video tours of the featured maps, clips from the TV series and links to related information on the BBC website and elsewhere.

The four-part series The Beauty of Maps starts on Monday 19th April at 8.30pm on BBC4. There is also a three-part series on BBC4 looking at maps as historical documents, Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession, starting on Sunday 18th April at 9.00pm.

13. April 2010 by jfurnes1
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