Find different sizes of the same image with Bing

A common problem with images found using internet search engines is that they look right but aren’t a suitable size for our needs – usually too small. Microsoft’s search engine Bing has just introduced a feature that helps address this problem. After searching for images as normal, holding the cursor over any thumbnail brings up the option to “find more sizes”. Click on the image below to try it:


Clicking on this will bring up a list of alternative versions of the same image from across the web, if available. This includes details of the source of each image, its resolution, file size and type. Browse the list and click on a title to get the version you want. Again, click below for an example:


As usual when using search engines, rememember the images found may be copyrighted.

(Via Phil Bradley’s weblog).

18. March 2010 by jfurnes1
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